We at Costa Rica Vacationing leverage incredible people, networks and resources to create deeper impacts through large scale volunteer engagement and collective giving. All Costa Rica Vacationing investments of time and money are made in the communities.

We Give Back

For the past two years we have been thrilled to participate in a project called "Guardian Angels".Every three months between 150-200 children from one of the poorest neighborhoods of San Jose gather in their local community center for a morning of activities including educational instructions on a variety of topics, gifts, and a meal..

During Christmas, we participate in an event called "500 smiles for 500 children" together with the home local churches.We found these people in very humble living conditions in the mountainous regions around San Jose and were happy that unitedly we could lift their spirits and give them the donated items.

Football Team c'up Being on the coaching staff of an American football team; We got some of the guys to help do a trash and recycle pickup drive in the area. It was a good testimony to the neighborhood that we care about the Lords creation and doing our part to keep it beautiful.

In December our whole family living in Costa Rica at the time traveled up into the surrounding mountainous area of San Jose to a remote orphanage in Guadalupe Alto to bring some Christmas cheer. We brought clowns, animal twisting balloons, gifts, food and "goodies" bags for all.

INS Daycare In this occasion, we set a splendid show for the Day of the Child at a daycare center for the children of the workers at one of the national insurance companies. The woman who runs this center has become a very dear friend over the many years of ministering to her and her co-workers.

La Garita CTP This was a meeting at a large school in La Garita, Alajuela near San Jose. Over 300 children, parents and teachers gathered for a morning of entertainment, food and lots of love and fun.

Mental Hospital We had gathered shoes and clothing items, basic toiletries and loads of cheer to share with the patients there. We spent a good morning talking, visiting, singing and dancing with these precious ones who followed us all the way to the parking lot, waving and cheering and begging us to return.

PANI Orphanage Tibas These are photos of our little Christmas show performed when we visited a government-run orphanage in Tibas. Over the years we have been able to work with and minister in a few of their orphanages in our immediate area. It’s always a blessing to visit and encourage the staff and play with the kids.

Puriscal CTP We arranged to have several children and their parents to meet in a local community center for a morning of entertainment and delicious food. This was in a mountainous neighborhood outside of San Jose, Puriscal. The Lord supplied not only a main course of chicken and rice with refried beans and potato chips(typical party food here in Costa Rica) but also cake and ice cream! It was so special for them all and quite an operation to transport and serve.

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