1. Overview
This document contains the rules applicable to the use of the website owned by COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and hereinafter referred to as “society.”
Any natural or legal person who wishes to buy products (services) of the Company may do so prior registration as a client system. In addition, you must accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy Policy Claims and Returns, which has the character of binding between the parties..

2. Capacity to contract
The use of the website and products (services) offered by COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL are available to natural or legal persons who have legal capacity to contract exercise, ie they are capable of exercising rights and obligations to acquire itself same without authorization from another. Therefore, they are unable to hire madmen and those under 18 years of age, among others without legal capacity to contract.
In the case of legal persons, who hired on behalf of these, it must be legitimate and who have enough quality to do so.

3. Inscription
(For cases where there customer record)
To purchase through the website you need to register as a customer by completing a registration form in all fields (name, surname, age, date of birth, address, phone, email) and set up a username and password .
The client undertakes to update personal information as changes occur in the same, as well as responsibility and guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and validity of the information entered.
The customer is responsible for all transactions in your account.
(For cases where there is no customer registration)
To make a purchase of a product (service) is necessary to complete the order form containing the product (service), product specifications, full name of client, age, date of birth, mailing address, telephone, e-mail between other purchase specifications.
* Include other details of the purchase process.

4. Charges
Purchases made on the website have no extra cost. The price to pay is the price specified in each product, which already includes taxes. Shipping products (no) has additional costs. For more information see Policy Shipping.

5. Domicile and Applicable Law
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. The user waives his home and for purposes of this contract designated as special domicile the city of San Jose and is subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. The direction is set as follows VACATIONING.COM COSTA RICA: San José Costa Rica, 150 mtrs east of Soda Tapia de Sabana, ASG Building, between streets 38 and 40. You can contact us at phone and e-mail +1 (224) 400-6794,

To use the services offered by COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL, customers must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high safety standards and both physical and technological protection.
COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL shall take the measures at its disposal to protect the privacy of customer information. Therefore, it will not share personal information either onerous or free, except for the ways set out in this document. In the event that third parties gain access to any information unlawfully, COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL is not responsible for the use of the information.
(COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) cooperate with the judicial or administrative authorities to ensure full compliance with the law and in order to safeguard the integrity and security of society and its customers. Therefore, this may provide personal information from its users at the request of any authority for the purposes of its investigations in cases such as: protection of rights of intellectual property, fraud prevention and other matters, and meanwhile, the user authorizes a (COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) to provide the information at its discretion deems appropriate for the faithful compliance with the law.
(COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) at its discretion and when deemed necessary considering that the activity of a client is suspect or have evidence that attempts to commit a crime or harm a person, may provide personal information of a user to other users or third parties to enforce the policies and in order to cooperate with implementation and enforcement. This authority shall be exercised by (COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) whether or not there is a judicial or administrative order to that effect.


The forms of delivery of services purchased on our website are:
A) A Client buys from Site and receives service from Tour Operator / Transport Operator
B) B Client buys from Site and books a room at a Villa / Hotel
C) C Client Speaks to a Travel Agent and a customized itinerary is designed. This itinerary is serviced by various Tour Operator / Hotel / Villa / Transport Operator

A works as follows; Client receives confirmation of purchase with product details.
B works as follows; Client receives confirmation of purchase with product details.
C works as follows; Client agrees on a customized itinerary and works out a payment plan. (maximum of 3 payments) Client receives confirmation of purchase with product details.

In case there is a complaint from a client, the client must write to
The deadline for the client to file a claim is 5 days after the vacation.
Each case will have to be reviewed on an individual basis, however some conditions under which (COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) will admit a claim are the following:

A) The Tour does not run as advertised / cut short due to extreme weather conditions / accident or injury whilst on tour
B) Product can be refunded with a 10% charge up to 40 days or more before arrival date. During Peak Season this is extended to 65 days (as per the standard in the country)
C) Full itinerary Cancellation Policy • Cancellation 40 days or more – CRVacationing will retain 10% of total reserved cost • Cancellations 39 days or less – CRVacationing will retain 50% of total reserved cost • Cancellations 30 days or less – CRVacationing will retain 100% of total reserved cost • Cancellations while in country – CRVacationing will retain 100% of total reserved cost
Costa Rica Vacationing (CRVacationing) is solely a Travel Agency. We do not personally operate any of the Hotels, Villas, Transport or Tours and can accept no liability based on negligence. We have hand selected our partners with a great amount of care so that the client can have the best experience in a safe environment. In the event of extreme weather, road conditions, cancelled flights etc. CRVacationing reserves the right to make substitutions to tours and hotels. In the event that CRVacationing should be found liable for any loss or damage that is connected to any wrong doing on our part we will never exceed the total amount paid by the client for the services sold or the amount of $500 – whichever is the greater amount.
(COSTA RICA VACATIONING.COM SRL) will resolve the claim filed on the following _ after the claim has been filed.